• Verretta - Balestra antica italiana

    In defense
    of our traditions

    Preserve the Tuscan artisan heritage is the Verretta mission

  • Verretta - Tiro con la balestra

    The italian antique crossbow is expression of an artisan culture unique in the world

    Verretta crossbows focus skills and competences
    born in Tuscany, and inspire a lifestyle
    exclusive and elitist in the world.

  • Verretta - Balestra da banco al tiro

    The crossbow is made of moments

    and stages of continuous adjustment

  • Foto storica balestrieri

    Our roots are imprinted in the history

    Crossbow shooting is an exclusive sport since 1600

  • Stusura corde di lino per formare l'arco della balestra

    A bundle of hand stretched flax strings

    The mechanism of the Verretta crossbows is faithful to that executed in ancient cultures of China and Greece, many centuries ago

  • Verretta - Forgiatura arco balestra


    Arch forged steel at a temperature of 600°

  • Costruzione balestra

    Customizable in all its parts

    Soul and heart of each Verretta crossbow are the result
    of the skills and the competences of Tuscan and Italian master craftsman

  • Verretta - Dario Cortini incide nella sua bottega in Toscana

    Tracing paper.
    White gypsum.
    Encrusted gold wire.
    Hammer and iron tip.

    The original drawing, mix of italian inventiveness and wishes of the customer,
    becomes a finely decorated plate

  • Verretta - Dario Cortini incide a bulino la piastra superiore di una balestra serie Aurum

    Skillful Hands

    and expertise of master engravers of the Italian school

  • Verretta - Made In Tuscany

    Seasoned italian walnut wood

    Steady hands, marked by time.
    A slow and patience work, performed as well as the old-fashionable way

  • Verretta - Artigiani toscani al lavoro

    Artisan collaborations

    Verretta enterprise network is made ​​of Italian excellence

  • Verretta - Esemplare unico al mondo di balestra - Serie Aurum

    AURUM Serie

    Rare crossbow example of its kind

  • Verretta - Particolare balestra legno intagliato - Made in Italy


    A totally Made in Italy artwork

  • Cassetta in legno contenente gli accessori indispensabili per il tiro con la balestra

    Each Verretta crossbow is tied to its Cassetta

    The chest containing all the components, essential to its use and manteinance.
    Style and design of each component are the result of the Italian creativity and historical tradition

  • Verretta - Accessori in legno fatti a mano - Made in Italy

    "Italian Style"

    The design of the Verretta creations
    is the result of the memories of the historical Tuscan tradition

  • Balestriere al tiro

    élite sport

    The Verretta crossbow shooting is a sporting exercise
    made of continuous adjustment steps and breaks,
    and, as one who does it, it always try to improve

  • Verretta - Verretta in volo

    The shooting

    The Verretta crossbow mechanism develops a precision shot output of one ton

  • Verretta - Life Style

    Verretta is
    a sport that fascinates you

    a sport full of ancient
    suggestions and magic flavor

  • Verretta - Sport d'élite secolare

    Verretta is an élite sport

    Practiced over the centuries. A rendezvous of generations

  • Verretta - Balestrieri durante il tiro

    Crossbow shooting is a style exercise, all to be tasted

    Crossbow shooting relax and natural atmosphere
    make up the perfect combination

  • Verretta - Made In Tuscany

    Verretta is an amusement that gathers all the family

  • Verretta - Made In Tuscany


    is the vision if you want to explore new horizons

  • Verretta - Made In Tuscany


    Patterns inspired by exclusive sport shape through valued combinations

  • Verretta - Made In Tuscany

    Verretta is curiosity and innocence

    ..needed rediscover and preserve the great artisan skills

  • Verretta - Made In Tuscany

    Verretta is the use of fine yarn

    and recovery of artisan manufacturering, unique tuscan and italian excellencies

  • Verretta - Made In Tuscany

    Let us recover the past
    to build the beauty of our future