Verretta reinterprets the value and the identity of an ancient arm that changed the history of tuscany, italy and the all world in the middle age. The verretta renewed medieval crossbow image reminds contemporary concepts such relax, slow food, and leisure time, certainly luxury nowadays.

Verretta is the system company responsible for design, construction of antique italian style crossbow. The crossbow is handcraft made, each piece has a unique style and value: a work of art, the result of an italian artisan legacy.
Verretta redesigns a full range of accessories to practice this sport, adding enriched details.

Verretta creates and distributes exclusive clothing inspired by the crossbow world entirely manufactured by tuscan and italian companies have employed in the realization of clothing and design accessories for the major fashion maisons for decades.
Verretta is the main international company in producing artisan bench crossbow and clothing inspired by this ancient sport.
This project gets to reality thanks to style labs and craft workshops specialized in cachmere and shirts processing, able to perform finest details.

This choice qualify and identify the emerging brand identity and place it in competition with selling reality of italian fashion and lifestyle renowed worldwide.
Verretta creates a dedicated and specific lifestyle.
Customers to target are those who are passionate in sport and in art.
Apparently detached worlds, both connected in verretta brand a strong identity that recognize values and associated with the brand verretta.

Verretta address to all those who love the beauty of nature,tuscany and italy, those who appreciate the handcraft in all its manifestations particulary expressed in clothing and art.

Verretta embraces the philosophy of italian high quality products across the èlite sport of the crossbow shooting and sportswear.
Verretta aims to succeed at international level, promoting artworks belonging to tuscany's excellence.