There’s an object in Tuscany, the resulting fruit of the experience of master craftsmen, which represents an heritage rooted in the history and traditions of Italy and the of the world: ITALIAN ANTIQUE CROSSBOW

The crossbow is an object that has survived in time and has been protagonist of the grandest museum exibits, preserved for centuries in private collections, thanks to noble families that could enjoy its exclusive beauty.
The Tuscan brand VERRETTA speaks of a strong ambition, to value this object and make it a protagonist piece of CULT, of a LIFESTYLE, of a new way to invest in ART and at the same time in innovation.
VERRETTA originally born as a start-up business project, in collaboration with the Department of Design of the Politecnico di Milano, incorporates the will to reinterpret craftmen’s competences and masteries with a unique perspective, cool and young like the VISION of those who are investing everything in this idea:
the Italian antique Crossbow is a PIECE OF ART, is a PIECE OF STYLE and ITALIAN DESIGN, is the new frontier of LUXURY SPORTS.

Shooting with a crossbow is infact a striking experience, only practiced by few in the occasion of typical traditional Tuscan events.
VERRETTA wants to make this arrow shooting experience - from a 36mt distance and with a 5mm aim- open to a wordlwide fond public, making it an actual élite sport.

VERRETTA underlines its bond with the local traditions of the territory already with its own name: verretta is infact the dart, the arrow that strikes with a ton of power from the steel bow of a crossbow.
On one hand VERRETTA protects the abilities of Tuscan and Italian craftsmen through the production of antique Crossbows, on the other hand multiplies its distribution to an international level, the practice of an élite sport and the diffusion of a series of products that can well represent an actual LIFESTYLE, closely linked to, because inspired by the crossbow.
VERRETTA brings to life a strong intuition indeed: the Crossbow is known to be an object used in Medieval and Renaissance commemorations, but from now on becomes a piece of cult, a piece of art to be collected, a lifestyle through fashion garments, an elite sport with a completely Tuscan charm and taste.

VERRETTA wants to give the Crossbow its true authentic value back, reinterpreting it in a conteporary key and making it the core business of a new all Made in Italy company.

The Crossbow is for VERRETTA the result of a complex selection of fine materials: the carved wood, painted and finely eriched, the engraved plates make it a COMPLETELY CUSTOM MADE and EXCLUSIVE OBJECT.
A luxury piece of unique manifacture, embellished with refined materials and decorations: pure gold set into iron plate by master engraver Dario Cortini, wood carving by master Umberto Brizzi realized with perfect simmetry, gold powder and leaf used in the paintings by master Alessandro Tizzi, assembling of the mechanical components (true to the one realized in the ancient times) by master craftman Marino Dell’Omarino, the VERRETTA Crossbow always carries the signature of its master craftman and of the person that carries out the original project (VERRETTA involves local artist internationally known).

Each Crossbow is a UNIQUE PIECE in the hands of the person who owns it, a piece of art that can decorate luxurious and refined environments, and at the same time, that can be lived and discovered in nature’s wide spaces and relaxing atmospheres.
The VERRETTA brand products are the new frontier of luxury and lifestyle inspired by a weapon rich in history and charm. All products are developed thanks to the involvement of local textile and manufacturing companies, of cashmere and shirt makers that pay great attention to details and very refined sewing, in order to create a circuit of economical benefits that finds in the Tuscan territory an excellence cluster for Made in Italy.

The fashion world is constantly looking for trends and new ideas from which to get inspiration: VERRETTA is the winning answer to this demand because the added value to this entrepreneurial reality is the offer of contents and significance that it expresses, the charge of suggestions that it implies, that can give life to new creations starting from a unique experience, original and unrepeatable.

VERRETTA is an exercise of style that meets nature and its environments, is the reason to organize an escape from work’s fast pace and be spoiled by relaxing atmospheres, together with the whole family.
VERRETTA is the demonstration that in that space between work and rest, that well know and saugh-after free time, you still can make a BEAUTIFUL DISCOVERY.
VERRETTA wants to maintain pruductive relationships with local school institutes, and not only, contribute to the work of the teachers in art schools, making their programmes richer with new and motivating ideas. The new generations can measure themselves with exclusive manufacturing, a mix of the costumer’s projections, of the Tuscan territory and its traditions.

This way VERRETTA contributes to protect a high education, that aims to institutionalize the whole body of ancient masteries and craftmanships that is risking to disappear, elevating values and passion to the status of practical activities.
VERRETTA is a young entrepreneurial reality, innovating, that at the same time loves traditions, active in Sansepolcro, in the heart of Tuscany, that represents Italian style and good taste in the world and is the protagonist of an authentic élite sports passion: the Crossbow.